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Top web design trends


                            Top 10 web design trends                                      

1.The look of 360° -The most efficient design trend in 2017, Facebook, Twitter and all other social platforms are loaded with that so get through with that.

2.Gradients-  All the beautiful backgrounds and beautiful color scheme it's all come with gradients.gradient is a graduated blend between two or more colors or between two tints of the same color. The output device you use affects how gradients color separate.So always be choosy with gradients.

3.Video with Sound - On a survey, It is said that people's will get more attention on graphical things.The pics and videos get more attention than the simple text.People are becoming more accustomed to watching videos – from short bits of YouTube to movies – on their devices. Web sites can mimic this cinematic experience as well with a full-on video with the sound display on the homepage.
4.Vibrant color combos -Turquoise and gold? Yes. Purple and yellow? Sure thing. Subtle tones may  make 
for great living rooms, but in the sea of websites, standing out is becoming a challenge.Web sites, after all, are a visual media, and it’s exciting to see the color combinations that are hitting the stage. Together with big typography, bold colors are popping up and demanding attention. And it’s not all for a show, either. If users can’t find what they need quickly, they’ll abandon your site. With all the information housed on websites, grabbing a user’s attention is necessary in order to guide their experience.
5.Geometric Shapes and Patterns- Whimsical patterns and shapes are popping up more frequently on websites, adding some flair to a landscape otherwise ruled by flat and material design.
Canadian design studio MSDS uses daring, patterned letters on their homepage.
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